Since 1969, IMPRATEX precision parts is an independent intermediary between a select group of highly specialised small and medium-sized precision parts manufacturers and the international medical devices, precision tools, and metering and measurement devices industry.

Our expertise, experience, product and service quality and reliability are appreciated by our clients and manufacturing partners alike.

We are able to offer you innovative and cost-effective solutions for your precision parts and components sourcing thanks to our lean organisation, efficient work process and flexible approach.

We work on the basis of direct commissions from our clients, executing their technical drawings and specifications with maximum precision. However, we suggest design changes or alternative materials to our clients if we believe this could result in cost-savings or technical benefits.

Our production chain integrates specialized raw parts manufacturers, secondary machining operators, refining and finishing providers and surface treatment specialists (e.g. for hardening steel or gold-plating). We select individual manufacturers and small companies for their product and performance excellence.
Aluminum-beryllium alloy cone pin
P.O.Box 1566, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen 1, Switzerland; Tel: +41-71-688 7100, Fax: +41-71-688 7101, Email: info@impratex.com