Get in touch with us to find out how IMPRATEX precision parts can help you source the precision parts and components you need without having to deal with many different counterparts.

IMPRATEX precision parts
Konstanzerstrasse 46
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Tel: +41-71-688 7100, Fax: +41-71-688 7100
E-mail: info@impratex.com

The simplest approach is to request a quote by e-mailing your specifications with attached drawings in PDF format to info@impratex.com.

Please indicate the following when requesting a quote:
  • Usual order size and total annual quantity needed
  • Maximum term of delivery in weeks acceptable to you after placing an order
  • Are you interested in suggestions regarding alternative materials or shapes, if this might result in significant production cost advantages?
You can also contact us by returning the Contact formcontact form or by regular mail, fax or phone to discuss your specific sourcing needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.
P.O.Box 1566, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen 1, Switzerland; Tel: +41-71-688 7100, Fax: +41-71-688 7101, Email: info@impratex.com