We specialize in up to the micron level precise turning parts with borings and cuttings, ranging from 2.0 to 10.0mm in length and 0.2 to 6.0mm in diameter, made of non-ferrous metal alloys, precious metals and different types of steel:

tl_files/images/bullet.jpg Connectors, contacts and electrode tips; axles, pins, pivots and dowels; drilling devices; surgical and orthopaedic screws.

We also offer metal precision stamping parts and parts made of corundum, ceramics, tungsten carbide and other hard metals:


Stamped connectors and carrying parts; precision balls; industrial jewels (v-jewels, flat jewels, cup jewels, ring jewels, hole jewels) used as bearings and for nozzles; sapphire lenses and glasses (e.g. for sightglasses and endoscopes).

Furthermore, we can provide mounted components and small systems:


Mounted bearings of corundum or ceramics; pivots with press-fitted tungsten carbide or corundum balls; bearings mounted with axles or pivots; parts embedded in plastic.

Our strengths are big, uniform, top quality series of high-precision, tight-tolerance parts in relatively complex shapes.
Connector socket
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